Final spots are going fast among 2020 Hardrock qualifying races!

We were a little bored today. So, armed with a spreadsheet and a bunch of entrants lists, we decided to count the number of race slots still available among the 2020 Hardrock Qualifiers based in the US and British Columbia. (Sorry, internationals, we weren’t that bored. Perhaps in a few weeks.)

Here are the races and their distances and locations:

  • Barkley Marathons (100M, TN)

  • Cruel Jewel (100M, GA)

  • Bighorn (100M, WY)

  • Hardrock (100M, CO)

  • Fat Dog (120M, BC)

  • Angeles Crest (100M, CA)

  • High Lonesome (100M, CO)

  • Bigfoot (200M, WA)

  • Cascade Crest (100M, WA)

  • Mogollon Monster (100M, AZ)

  • Wasatch Front (100M, UT)

  • Bear (100M, UT-ID)

  • Tahoe (200M, CA)

  • Plain (100M, WA)

  • Run Rabbit Run (100M, CO)

  • IMTUF (100M, ID)

  • Grindstone (100M, VA)

Most of these world-class races are household names and float near the top of most runners’ bucket lists. It’s hardly surprising to learn, then, that the vast majority are already sold out. In fact, as of March 19, only four have spots available — Fat Dog (12), Plain (33), Bigfoot (35) and Mogollon Monster (~200). Only one race, Grindstone (300), has not yet opened for registration, and this race “sells out quickly.”

According to our shoddy math, there are approximately 580 slots available out of a total of 3,982. 300 of these 580 spots are for Grindstone, which has not yet opened for registration.

Hardrock Qualifiers.png

What does this mean? Unless you want to run 120 miles (Fat Dog), 200 miles (Bigfoot), or 100 unmarked miles (Plain), you better do one of two things:

Once you’re in, best of luck joining the approximately 65% of runners who find the finish line at these races. (Special thanks to Barkley Marathons and Plain for dragging down the finishing rate.)

Oh, and don’t forget many 2018 finishes count toward Hardrock’s 2020 qualification standards!

Colin OverlandComment