We will post “unofficial” results to UltraSignup within a few days of an event and invite comments and feedback from runners. Once all the data are squared away, we will publish “official” results to UltraSignup and our website — links to both below.

If you’re pushing for an event record, you can see the fastest men’s and women’s times below.

We prefer “event record” to “course record” because the actual course of a race tends to undergo small changes from one year to the next. The Hardrock 100 Runner’s Manual captures this concept nicely. The ‘Fact Sheet’, on page 66 of the PDF, shows the difference in course lengths over a three-year period: 100.3 miles (2003), 101.4 miles (2004), and 100.4 miles (2005). With a five-year average finish time of 39:20:17 across all runners, that extra mile makes a difference — a 23:21 difference!

Credit and thanks to VHTRC for this “event record” concept.



Olympic Mountains 50K: UltraSignup, Table

  • Female Event Record: Kelsie Blanthorn (Seattle, WA) — 6:18:21

  • Male Event Record: Chris Reed (Seattle, WA) — 4:57:02

Deschutes River 50K

Deschutes River 25K


Deschutes River 50K: UltraSignup, Table

  • Female Event Record: Diana Genenbacher (Snoqualmie Pass, WA) — 5:25:33

  • Male Event Record: Mark Hammond (Millcreek, UT) — 3:56:50

Deschutes River 25K: UltraSignup, Table

  • Female Event Record: Nora Colligan (Austin, TX) — 2:02:06

  • Male Event Record: Robert Hendrickson (Bend, OR) — 1:53:56