Our Values


Leave it better than you found it.

Everlong Endurance operates at the edge of the built environment.  An iconic trail is, after all, a built conduit through the unbuilt world.  To protect the latter, we must preserve the former. 

In action:  We donate $5 from every race registration to a local trail maintenance/improvement organization. It’s our small way of saying, “Thank you.” Further, we encourage every race participant to donate some of their time to performing trail work. (It’s a great “rest day” workout.)

Find the finish line.

Marathons are meant to be tough. They are meant to be earned. 

In action:  If you DNF, we'll give you a percentage discount on the following year's registration for the same race, equivalent to how far you made it in miles divided by two. (Max 25%.)  For instance, if you DNF at mile 8 of a 50K you'll get 13% off.  If you DNF at mile 18 of a 50K, you'll get 25% off.

Be better tomorrow.

There's no reason our events should not measurably improve from one year to the next.

In action:  We'll send our participants a feedback request after every race — and share what we're doing with the feedback on our blog, Meanderings. (Don't worry: we'll keep all feedback aggregated and anonymous.)

Keep it local.

Each trail has its own personality. So, too, does the surrounding and supporting community. If you want to get to know a trail, get to know the people who run it everyday.

In action: We partner with local vendors — running stores, breweries, roasters, caterers, etc. — to make our races as idiosyncratic as single-track trail.