Creating (slightly) less waste

As our values state, we're committed to leaving "it" -- our great outdoors -- "better than we found it."  With that in mind, we're creatively trying to reduce the amount of waste our races generate.  

Like many race organizers, for instance, we've embraced "cupless" events, meaning you won't find single-use cups at our aid stations. You also won't find aid station food in disposable bowls and plates: We're relying on reusable, washable containers. 

What are we really proud of? We've created reusable course markings!


Our hope is each flag, instead of lasting one race, will survive no less than five. Plus, we can individually number every flag to make sure every one makes it safely home. (And, no, we don't generate an empty beer bottle for each flag...)


Next step: make a batch of reusable course markers with biodegradable material (instead of "majestic blue" plastic). 

Colin Overland