Since organizing our first “fat ass” race (which seven people attended), our guiding motivation has been to get people outside and grow the roots of the trail running community. Not surprisingly, we’ve had the pleasure of letting quite a few newbies in on the big secret: “In an ultra, you’re supposed to walk the hills.”

In hopes of sharing a few more nuggets of wisdom, we assembled write-ups on a variety of trail topics.


Course markings

As much as runners like to tally and report their mileage, few of them willingly go out of their way to log “bonus” miles during an event. Getting lost can suck.

To help runners stay on track, we employ to a fairly structured course-marking strategy.



Getting outside is not just about running — you can volunteer, too!

Without having to navigate a waitlist, volunteers can still stay on their feet all day, sweat a ton, and eat way too much junk food. This guide will tell you how.



At the HURT 100, pacers can join runners as early as mile 47. This means you can “complete” the HURT course in two years. It also means you can also help a runner accomplish big things. If you get the chance to pace — do it!