Rules, Entry & FAQ


Leave no trace

Simple enough. Don't take anything out of its natural state, either.

Don't take shortcuts

Don't cut switchbacks, skip aid stations, or otherwise shorten the race distance. If you take a wrong turn, go back the way you came and make sure you run the entire course. 

Don't smoke

Anywhere along or near the course and/or race infrastructure. This rule applies to everyone involved, including crew members and race volunteers.

Relieve yourself discretely

When and where possible, use a "real" restroom, outhouse or portable restroom. Otherwise, please relieve yourself off the trail and out of sight. Bury solid waste. 

Be nice

Your Co-RDs reserve the right to disqualify unnecessarily grumpy runners. An easy way to test this is to be mean to an aid station volunteer.  



Why don't you have any FAQs?

We haven't received any frequent questions.




Registration is open until the race is full — first come, first served.  The good folks at UltraSignup will manage our registration process.


Entrants must be at least 18 years old on race day.


While we do not have strict experience requirements for our races, we ask all runners to know and respect their limits.  Be safe out there. 


If you cancel your registration at least 30 days prior to the run, we will issue you a 50% refund. Refund requests should be submitted to


You cannot defer your entry fee to another year. However, on a case-by-case basis, we may permit a participant to drop down a distance — from 50K to 25K, for instance. “Drop down” requests should be submitted to


Registrations are non-transferable. Our volunteers will check photo IDs at packet pick-up.

Run Cancellation and/or Modification

While we do not harbor any plans to cancel or modify a run — shortening the course, for example — we understand that things happen.

Therefore, in the event of cancellation or modification for reasons beyond Everlong Endurance's control — including, but not limited to, wildfires and inclement weather — we offer the following recompensation mechanisms:

  • 25% discount on any Everlong Endurance event, of equal or lesser distance, the following year

  • Pro-rata share of all event expenses refundable to Everlong Endurance at the time of cancellation of modification. For example, if we cancel a race of 100 runners in time to cancel the finish line food truck, which would have cost $500 in total, you will receive a $5 refund

We are runners ourselves, and realize how frustrating it is to have a run not go to plan.  We will do our best to put on runs as planned.